We Bring People Together.

My best early memories are leaving the bustle of New York City for holiday pig roasts on the lakes of New England.  I have been delighted to discover every region of our country has its own favorite style of cookout, each with two things in common – great food and the ability to bring people together.


Reel & Ranch cookouts are more than just a great meal. We bring people together, creating one-of-kind culinary experiences designed to maximize the quality of your guests’ experience. Knowledgeable, passionate and ready to answer questions, we come ready to cook, to teach, to laugh, and to help ensure your guests make great memories.


Our philosophy is to use high-quality ingredients that come from people and places we know and trust. We serve you the food we serve to our own families, choosing local, seasonal and sustainable options whenever they are available. Our promise is to constantly balance serving the highest quality and best tasting food with our responsibility for sustainable sourcing and providing a reasonable to-client price. This is what makes us different and, in our opinion, it is why we are San Diego’s best cookout catering.

means Great Flavor

Real food just tastes better. What do we mean 'real' food? Have you ever heard someone say 'you are what you eat'...


True Cost &
Sustainable Sourcing

Where our food comes from and how it gets from there to here is more important than it has ever been before...


Providing the Best
to-Client Pricing

Everything is a balance and price is certainly a large part of the equation. Every event is unique and every budget is different...



This is what we do.

This is not your typical event catering and we are not your typical event caterers. We are professional cooks who love to create cookouts and enjoy sharing our passion for great food with people just like you. It shows in our presentation, in our team’s demeanor and in the quality of our food.


Our goal is to provide the best possible cookout experience. This is why don’t cut corners and why we use reliable vendors that we know and trust. Taking the time needed and putting in the extra effort to do things right, is a commitment you can see and taste. Your guests will appreciate the quality of our food and their overall dining experience.


Whole Pig Roasts

We have been roasting whole hogs and suckling pigs since Memorial Day 2004. With a wide variety of sizes and range of cooking options available we can 100% find a setup that will work perfectly for your event’s style and venue parameters. We are San Diego’s pig roast specialists. If you are in Southern California and want a whole roasted pig done right, you've found your guys (and gals)!


Fish Fries

Fish Fries are big on flavor and really bring the fun. We fry fresh catfish, cod and tons of other great local seafood, nearly all hand-caught by Southern California's small boat fisherman. Stressing seasonality and sustainability our selection of fresh fish changes regularly. It is always delicious and is sure to please every crowd.


Smoked BBQ

The best barbecue is part art and part science and everyone has a strong opinion on the right way to get things done. Memphis, St Louis, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas all have a unique style and each produces a very different finished product. All of them are delicious! No matter what type of meat or what style of cooking you prefer we have one of the best BBQ pits on this side of the Rocky Mountains.


Shellfish Boils

Low-country Boils, New England Clam Bakes, Maryland Crab Feasts. When it comes to boiling or steaming shellfish it doesn't matter what style or flavor you choose - you are sure to get a great meal and a lot of smiles. Our local shellfish selection is bountiful but varies based on seasonality & availability so there is always something different and always something delicious.


Grillin' & Chillin'

Backyard barbecues are a cornerstone of the American experience. Grilled steaks, burgers, sausages & dogs, chicken, shish kabobs, skewers and more. If you can grill it, we can dig it. Let's fire up the grill. Our menus can ALL be customized to be perfect for you and your guests.


Hors d'Oeuvres

We offer a wide variety of Solid Start options designed to be added on to any Reel & Ranch gourmet cookout. They serve any sized group and can even work as standalone options for cocktail parties and smaller events. Mix and match your favorites or just ask and we can help you come up with a great plan for a perfect meal!



Sweet tooth? Us too! Our dessert menu has something that will please every guest. We make a bunch of great sweet treats that are the perfect add-on for any cookout. We also source a few Southern California's favorites from the area's best bakers & dessertiers. Sometimes the masters know best and if you can't beat 'em - support 'em!


This is How We Roll!

When we cook for your friends and family, you all become a part of our extended cookout family. More than a great meal, this is a culinary experience and we are here to feed your people.


We prepare special first tastes while the food is being prepared and sweet dessert bites to say, ‘Thank you,’ once the meal is through! Your choice & our pleasure!


$6 - 12


Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Jerk Chicken Wings

Spicy Ceviche Shooters


$6 - 12


Miniature Cannoli

Cinnamon Coffee Rolls

Fresh Baked Cookies

Spicy Pig Candy


Choose a package perfect for yours

$ 79


Catered Cookout

Better for Large or Indoor Events

Includes First Taste or Last Bite

Custom Printed Display Signage

Better-than-Buffet Style Service

Arrive 2 Hours Before Event Time

$ 99


On-site Cookout

Interactive Culinary Experience

Includes First Taste & Last Bite

Printed Menus & Display Signage

Better-than-Buffet Style Service

Arrive up to 24 Hours in Advance

$ 59


Drop-off Cookout

Better for Smaller Informal Events

Includes 2 Gourmet Side Items

Buffet Style Food Label Signage

Premium Disposable Cutlery & China

Arrive 1 Hour Before Event Time

Let's Get Started!

Our one-of-a-kind cookouts book quickly. Please reach out to us for date availability and to book your event. We can’t wait to hear from ya!

    Frequent Questions Answered

    We say it time and time again. Every event is a little bit different. If you are considering booking a Reel & Ranch cookout, we should talk specifics. We can answer many questions here but the best way to get the most accurate and up-to-date information is to discuss your event with a member of our team.

    What is the difference between 'Catered' and 'On-site' cookouts?

    Catered cookouts are our version of traditional event catering while on-site cookouts are more of an interactive culinary experience. Both provide the highest-quality food and service with the main difference being how much time our team spends on-site and how much of the cooking process is on display for your guest to observe and take part in.

    Are R&R cookouts a good choice for wedding catering?

    While our unique style of service and presentation may not be right for every couple, in general our cookouts can add many great wedding day memories. Every couple and every venue are a little different. If you are planning a wedding and want to have a cookout, we should talk ASAP because the more time we have, the better! Reach out today to discuss possibilities and availability!

    Does every cookout include a free first taste or last bite?

    At all 'On-site' cookouts we prepare both a special first taste while the food is being prepared and also a sweet dessert bite to say, ‘Thank you,’ once the meal is through! For 'Catered' cookouts, hosts choose either a first taste -or- last bite. 'Drop-off' cookouts are yummy and convenient but are not particularly conducive to serving first taste or last bite courses so neither are included.

    Is there any deposit required to book an event?

    Due to our demand and the nature of our cooking we require a 50% deposit. This payment along with a signed contract will secure your date.

    Besides the food what other charges should I expect?

    We provide a personalized and detailed proposal listing all charges. We include: food, rentals obtained on your behalf, labor for service staff, sales tax and a catering fee that includes supplies and cleaning. All costs are clearly outlined in each proposal and contract. You will never be surprised by any hidden costs. No additional fees will be added without your prior knowledge and written consent.